Cupping Room Coffee Beans

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Cupping Room Coffee Beans

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Cupping Room Hong Kong was founded in 2011 by multiple time Hong Kong Barista Champion, Kapo Chiu.

With a huge focus on carefully sourced and crafted coffee beverage and cafe fare for the sophisticated crowd, Cupping Room established their own roastery in 2016. Working directly with producers as well as reputable green coffee trader, Andy Sprenger from Sweet Bloom Coffee, they avidly seek out in season coffee with great sweetness and aroma to roast them on their retro Probat UG15 roaster.

Coffees from Cupping Room are presented either as a single roast profile single origin coffees or espresso blends.


Attaboy Seasonal Espresso, Colombia/Ethiopia 200g ($25) - Chocolate, Peach, Blackberry <SOLD OUT>


Rosa Encarnación, Ecuador 200g ($26) - Blackcurrants, Grapes, Cane Sugar <SOLD OUT>

Duromina, Ethiopia 200g ($26) - Floral, Peach, Lemon Candy <SOLD OUT>

Kibingo Yeast Fermentation, Burundi 200g ($29) - Cherry, Mandarin, Black Tea <SOLD OUT>

Gesha Village NARSHA Lot 80 Washed, Ethiopia 150g ($50) - Honeysuckle, Peach, Ginger <SOLD OUT>

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