April Coffee Roasters Beans

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April Coffee Roasters Beans


April Coffee Roasters is founded by Patrik Rolf in Copenhagen, Denmark. Having worked in Da Matteo in Gothenburg and Five Elephant in Berlin accumulating wealth of experience, Patrik decided to start his own roastery business to pursue his ideals in Coffee.

April firmly believes that coffee roasting is an ever changing, ever developing craft thus Patrik vows to progress and change how coffee roasting is done bit by bit through his works. In that respect, they roast coffee in a variety of different profiles depending on the brew method in order to achieve optimal flavours for each origin: Filter, Espresso & Milk Espresso.

In addition, April values lasting relationships with cafe partners as well as coffee producers and thinks that these relationships are what makes a business great and sustainable.

Percolate is featuring the seasonal line up of April Coffee Roasters Beans.


Marlon Urena Espresso, Costa Rica ($27) - Cherry, Lemon, Nougat


Marlon Urena, Costa Rica ($27) - Cherry, Lemon, Nougat

Fazenda Esperança, Brazil ($27) - Floral, Yellow Fruits, Macadamia

Mokonisa Honey, Ethiopia ($27) - Jasmine, Peach, Honey

Mwendia AB, Kenya ($27) - Citrus, Peach, Gooseberry

Matyazo, Rwanda ($27) - Raspberry, Stonefruits, Herbs

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